High School By Correspondence

I had a dream last night that I was in high school still. I have a dream like this about once a month.  I usually wake up, terrified that I haven't passed math or that I have forgotten to finish the assignments for a particular class.  Then slowly, as light creeps in, I remember, oh yeah, I finished high school and then I went on to university.  All the math that was required to do both of those things, and a bit more, has been completed.  This dream was a little different though.  I look up, across an auditorium-sized room, to see my teacher droaning on and on and I notice that all of my classmates are superbly bored.  I get the distinct impression that the teacher is way past caring and resigned to her fate.  There is a green tinge to the light in the room and it makes me feel like this place is not a good place to be.

It suddenly occurs to me that I can complete high school by correspondence!!  Woah!! This will totally free me up, I think!  I 'll be able to take more swimming lessons to become a lifeguard!  As I woke up, I was almost disappointed that I could not sign up for correspondence since I had already finished high school.  However, it did make me think, that if either of my children is ever feeling that way about school, I'll be able to put my hand on a possible solution.   I felt so relieved that I had answered a question for myself that I hadn't even begun to ask yet.  Does this ever happen to you?  What was a problem you solved in a dream?


  1. I think we might be related. Frequently, I have dreams where I am faced with a task, such as an exam or even better - a play on stage and everyone else knows the lines and I spend most of the dream trying to figure out what play we are doing. Usually the dreams I have about school and exams are set in my childhood town of Pictou at the high school that I never attended since we moved when I was still in Junior high. Dreams are funny that way, the way they conjure up all these anxieties that are connected to something that happened so long ago.

  2. Funny thing, I actually went to the above mentioned high school. If only I had known it was possible through correspondence....

    I am impressed by the logic of this dream. Even more so, I am impressed by your ability to question and allow many possibilities to come forward.

    I still dream about old relationships though; I think as a way of trying to come to some kind of resolution to them. Or as a way of saying goodbye to someone you may still miss.

    Nothing as brilliant as correspondence high school has happened in my dreams yet though.


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