Christmas unshopping to do list

The merry-go-round has officially started to turn in earnest.  Even though a lot of us were cringing when we saw decorations on November 30th, a lot of us, myself included, were eagerly (or resignedly) taking out the ornaments December 1st.  Every year I am determined to be more committed to a less consumer driven holiday.  I always intend to make simple, homemade gifts for people and give fewer, but more thoughtfully chosen, gifts.  However, in the end, I usually end up throwing a heap of cash, that I do not always have, at what almost feels like a problem.  Everywhere I turn I find myself succumbing to the twinkly lights and sweets and endorphins and think, "oh what the heck."  I spend more money than sense on this holiday and I end up spiritually  feeling short changed.  The to do list is only a shopping list not a-what-I-want-out-of-this-experience list. This year I have been a little slower climbing on the merry-go-round.  I have paid for the ticket and I 'm sure I'll be doing more than a few unintentional things in the process, but will this year finally be the one when I know when and how to get off the ride before I make myself dizzy?

So, I have decided that instead of pledging not to do certain cringe worthy things this Christmas(golf related trinkets because I have a vague recollection that you said you liked golfing once, anyone?),  I should make a list of things I want out of this holiday season that do not cost money.

What-I-want-out-of-my-Christmas this year to do list is:

1. lots of quiet chats with my kids after the lights go out and before they fall asleep.
2. to read all the Christmas books we've accumulated and borrow a few more from the library.
3. help the kids pick gifts for their cousins and friends from all the stuff they already have.(My daughter has already sent all her cards and wrapped a lot of gifts already)
4. have conversations with my husband that are not about kids or finances or work.
5.stop what I am doing and listen to what my kids are thinking about Christmas.
6. to go skating on the Oval
7. to watch the Polar Express
8. to eat fudge
9. sit in candlelight as often as possible.
10. nobody getting sick.

What's on your to do list?


  1. i always have a weird deflation christmas day, after the whacked out morning and dinner of wildness... i would like to forego that this year, so i am making hot cocoa with marshmallows a requirement, as well as a long, cold walk.


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