A list that will never be written

My 7 and 3/4 year old informed me, when I pleaded for help with cleaning the living room, that I just had to make a plan, follow the plan and then I'd be done.  She made it sound so logical and easy to do and follow through on.  I revisited last year's resolutions.  My kids encouraged me to give up sleeping "when there is fun around".  They also encouraged more swimming and skating and less after school program.  Since I did not actually adopt the "less after school program" (it was only a suggestion after all) I won't worry about that one.  We did swim quite a bit but we've not really done enough skating for my liking.  As it turned out, I felt less inclination to nap during fun times this year, but also learned to love sleep on a much deeper level when there wasn't.  Check.

Tomorrow is a clean slate. I am not making a list.  I am just going to try and keep light flowing through me. Whatever it takes, I'm going to turn against darkness.  

"Come forth into the light."  William Wordsworth