I will write a sentence.

A maxed out tweet contains 140 characters. Along with tweeting, I am learning how to write sentences, sentence by sentence, tweet by tweet. I think tweeting logic helps me write sentences in the real world too.  Tweets corral self-contained thoughts into a small, restricted space.  There is little room for complex structures.  Advanced users can pull off all kinds of things with this format, but I am very much an amateur at both tweeting and sentence writing.  

Tweets can be deleted. They can be immortalised. They can ruin a career or make one. They can send chills down your spine or give you insight in ways a whole book might not be able to. The same goes for sentences.  They both can be taken out of context. They do not tell the whole story, but they are structures that build something bigger than themselves. If they are flawed, the whole rest of what they constitute can fall apart.

Lately, I find myself reading books scouring them for good ones. Ones that stand alone.  Lionel Shriver is a particularly good sentence writer.  Her good sentences add up to sensational books.

Sentences are the bones of paragraphs and essays and the joints that build plot lines.  I may never get past them. The sentence is as far I can see.  I write a sentence. I write another one. I will write another one after that. I will go from there.


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