When my daughter draws up her weekend "lesson plan" for playing school, she always includes an art class. Lately, her self assigned projects have taken a new turn.  She no longer uses crayons, markers and paints to create art projects. She is more into doing things with objects.

Last weekend, she created a "place where teenagers had a party".  She filled a play tent full of empty food containers and cds and discarded hoodies  (because these teenagers are from the 1990s).  "It is really messy in there because teenagers are very messy when they have a party," she explained simply.

The other day, I asked her to create art from something in the room.  I told her she could be use garbage or anything she could find and make it into something creative.

She chose a log of wood.

She made an ipod/iphone carrier.

It is not that portable, but I really like its look.  I think the coolest feature of this design is the pencil holder (at the top). It is a blend of new and old technology, don't you think?

What have you invented lately?