We were out for a mid-week trip to a family restaurant tonight.  On Tuesdays they have a deal where kids eat for free.  As  a bonus, they threw in face painting today.  My son ran over to the young woman sitting in a nearly empty restaurant full of excitement.  I cautiously asked, "what is available to be face painted?" I suspected she had 2-4 set things she was willing to paint on the kids' faces.

Her response sort of surprised me, "Anything."

My son readily responded to this invitation to ask for anything.

"Okay, I'll have a snake."

A few minutes later, one of his preschool friends came into the restaurant. My son explained this thrilling possibility and his friend and his friend's friend promptly went over to ask for snakes too.  

My son wondered, "What else should I get?"
I, of course, was again unsure if she would even consent to do his other cheek, but this did not hold him up.

"She said anything."

He speculated outloud:

"I could have a bouncy castle, or a whale shark, or a big pumpkin, a fence or a granny or eye balls or the picture of your face on my face."

Yes, I suppose you could.

Finally, he came up to the table and asked if he could have another one.
"This time, I want a pirate on a buffalo."

Where I heard one face painting per child...he heard anything.
When I heard smiley face or snake, not both, he heard anything.
When I didn't want to dare ask her again, he heard anything.