I phone You find

Ever since we've been sucked down into the rabbit hole of iphone usage in our home, my kids, especially my son, has come up with numerous (too numerous to count) suggestions of fun iphone games they should make.

The suggestions are so elaborate and specific, it is often difficult to find a satisfying match.

His latest suggestion is this:

He wants me to locate, among the millions of iphone games, a game that lets him go inside things, like a bird's mouth, a tail, or teeth or a clock or a power line or a sock and fingernails and blood. He wants to go inside a basketball.  Anything. He takes it further, then I want to be able to make a house inside a power line. Can you help me find that game?

Another common request that has so far been elusive on our search. He wants to find Makers. He wants to make some things like making orange pie or something that can make orange juice out of anything.

He wants a slide maker that connects a slide to your house and makes loop-dee-loops.

Like I said, I rarely find exactly what he's looking for. I have to resist the feelings of frustration that well up in me as I pursue these suggestions, especially when he is so surprised that I cannot find them and insists that they must exist.  I remind myself to just be amazed at the endless, boundless possibilities these games ideas contain. Finally, after another fruitless search, I shrug and turn to him, "You are right, that would be cool. Too bad no iphone game makers have thought of it yet."