Just below the surface

These poor exposed, tender shoots, that's what we're all thinking today.
It has been spring for three weeks now.
Whatever triggers flowers to bloom has been triggered and so the plants have entered a new phase of their life cycle because that is what flowers do.   They do not hear weather forecasts so they have been ardently dotting the neighbourhood with shades of purple, white and orange for about a week without regard for the impending stormy weather.

They are destined to be shrouded in icy crystals this weekend.

Yes, they will be blanketed with snow, but it will melt into water and feed their roots.

I have to remember this, when I expose my roots, my bursts of waxy colourful petals to the world and I am met with an icy reception, a lull, an unexpected turn of events, a drastic drop in the barometric pressure.

Burst forth, grow, come into the world, unfurl your leaves and be triggered to enter a new phase in your life cycle.