A dream you don't want to wake up from, or a goodmare as my daughter used to call it, can be like a bulky sturgeon, twisting and thrusting out of your arms, intent on swimming up stream away from you.

Or, put another way, it is like the lights being thrown on after an incredible movie that you don't want to end. You stumble around for a bit even though it is bright, while your eyes and your heart adjusts to being kicked out of the plot.

So, as I feel myself slipping back into the world, I make mental notes of a fleeting dream. I deliberately (as deliberately as one can when one is semi-conscious) take in my surroundings.  With the knowledge that it is going to end, I take some photographs with my mind's eye and do what I can to immerse myself in it as it leaks away.

I also, once I am awake, attempt to re-tell it to myself to make it, or at least the feelings it created, to last a bit longer.

What are your strategies for savouring or prolonging those last fleeing moments of a dream?