Still life with Barbie

When I come across a place where Barbie has been played with, it is like coming across a series of behind- the-scene still shots of another, more glamourous person's life.  It reminds me a bit of a time in my life when it was possible to gather everything up into a bag and move at a moment's notice (did I ever really live like that?)

Observing her living area,  also feels a bit like she dropped everything when she got called away on an important ___________(fill-in-the blank) assignment.  Clothes are strewn through out her living area, mingled with teeny tiny phones, shoes and cooking utensils.She has closets and even an accessory vending machine but they are usually empty. She prefers to spread out her possessions in the open as some kind of record.


  1. huh. first and only time i've been interested in barbie as a character. well done.


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