Right after I posted my ambition to write a novel via twitter, a few issues imposed themselves.
a) unless I write the novel in reverse, it will be difficult to follow after a while because you'll have to go all the way back to the first tweet to read it in the correct order.
b) twitter is meant to be social, so short of not following anyone, and constantly, rigorously, purging the account of automatic followers,it won't quite work etc..it should be a social enterprise.

So, now I am not writing a novel on twitter.
We are writing a novel on twitter.  I have posted three tweets so far.  You are going to help me write it.  You just have to preface any additions with @JointNovel and write a tweet or two when you feel like it.

Think about the primary improv rule. Always say yes.  (Don't thwart others' attempts to go in a new direction, build on each other's ideas). Keep it (relatively) clean and avoid cliches (if possible.)  Let's see what we can write together.  Maybe it will be an action packed paragraph or a slim spooky short story or an expansive epic novel set across multiple centuries and continents.  Let's decide.

I am ten times more excited about this idea than I was about doing it alone.

Your turn. Go.