Paper based test

There are so many answers out there.

Everywhere I look, solutions, open letters, advice, tips, reading lists, the top 5 movies, suggestions galore.

Invariably, the way these answers are arranged, I get kind of tricked into thinking that I asked a question in the first place.

Rumi said "silence is the best answer".

Perhaps, the same goes for questions.

WifeMotherExpletive declared that June she would go paper based for a month, I am going to follow her lead.  I need some loose leaf to dream up my own questions and listen for the answers in the morning light, the budding lily of the valley and the ripening strawberries or some other place I haven't noticed yet.

I'll let the paper absorb the ink for a while.


  1. sweet. a paper revolution, evolution... i'll miss your spots, but will see you again in july?!

    1. Oh yes, I plan to return in July. Your post reminded me that I just need de-screen a bit. Right after I posted that I went out to the garden and really did some work in it for the first time in years. It's time I make other muscles work for a bit and then return with fresher eyes. I look forward to reading you again in July!!


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