DIY Arcade

This video,  DIY Arcade, as seen on, made me cry.  Made by the arcade's very first live customer, Nirvan Mullick, it features ingenious 9 year old creator, Caine.  Caine envisioned and fully realized an arcade full of games which he built in his dad's storefront of his junk yard in East L.A.  Both the joie de vivre of this young boy and  his Dad's openness and support of his son's creative pursuits are equally awesome to watch.

Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

I would buy a fun pass(500 plays!!) in a minute if I lived in L.A.  I cannot wait to show my daughter, I have a feeling we'll have some ticket dispensers on the go.  I love all the details that he thinks of, including, the calculators to verify the fun passes and the prizes. (Not to mention a real-live cash register!!!!)

I feel like I should not let another box leave this house.