Kissing and Dancing

It has been a very long time since I kissed and danced at the same time.  I should really do something about that. 

That's what occurred to me when I saw this guy streaming past me yesterday on a skateboard, while simultaneously playing a guitar.  I always pat myself on the back for being such a master multi-tasker but time and time again being good at doing more than one task boils down to the same thing: doing double the tasks (i.e. work) in half the time (or double the time, if I mess up).  That's it.  Other than the sick satisfaction extracted from stapling and talking on the phone or boiling pasta and detangling a Barbie tangle at the same time, that kind of skill, if you can call it that, is nothing but a symptom of a hepped up work day that's crowded with tasks , not because they need to be done but because they can be done.  Really, most of the time, I get little more out of multi-tasking than the fleeting sense of "achievement" of completing what should  only just be termed a coping mechanism.

Imagine if I applied the same effort to doubling or tripling up on simultaneously pleasurable activities?

Bring on the dancing and drinking, eating and laughing, singing and showering, crying and laughing, smoking and chewing gum, colouring and humming, snoozing and cuddling, swimming and eating  a popsicle (yes, at the exact same time), strolling and grinning, biking and lip reading and listening to music and doing anything at the same time.  What would you add to the list?


  1. My favorite me time activity is reading a magazine and watching food network at the same time. A close second is having a bath and drinking wine.

  2. ooooh good combinations...I'm adding those to the list.


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