My daughter spent the day at her dad's office the other day.  She had a very good time getting acquainted with his work environment and she had many tasks to do while she was there.  One special task was sorting the crayons.  One crayon caught her eye and she's been mentioning it ever since.  There is a crayon named "gold".

It is really very special and it adds something important to everything we have coloured since.  I say "we" because she implored me several times over the weekend to colour with her.  Discovering "gold" helped renew her interest in crayons and all the things they can do.  And all the names they can be called.  "Sky blue" and "olive green" are "also names for crayons".  She was not so interested in the google search for "crayon crafts" but rather interested in what the crayons can do as themselves. "Mama, stop checking the internet for ideas!"