Hands Free

When do we stop insisting on bringing playdoh or a bouncy ball on outings?  When do we relinquish dolls and replace them with iphones? Clutching stuff as we travel around because we can't foresee doing what we are about to do without the clutching.  Later, as my kids get comfortable, they abandon the thing that they have been gripping so tightly but I feel like that phase has not  ever really stopped for me. I'm still clutching stuff. I enjoy the sensation of having free hands. I like the concept but in the end my hands are required for clutching and I'm ultimately uneasy when I'm not. What's that about? My husband goes around not clutching stuff.  For some of us, perhaps the clutching goes internal.  For now, I continue to clutch phones and keys and pens...and clutch the playdoh and balls when my kids get tired of doing it.

1.    to seize with or as with the hands or claws; snatch: The birdswooped      down and clutched its prey with its claws.

to grip or hold tightly or firmly: She clutched the child's hand asthey crossed the street.
Slang to spellbind; grip a person's emotions, attention, orinterest: Garbo movies really clutch me.*