Haunted Plastic Mansion 1: Bouncy Castle 0

We had a fun fair at my daughter's school yesterday.  For my daughter this is always an exciting entertainment option right in her backyard. For us parents it is a cheap form of entertainment that spells the beginning of summer, a chance to reconnect with other parents after all those dozens of hurried drop offs and pick ups.

What's not to love? Balloon animals,a lollipop pull, two big bouncy castles, prizes and treats.  Our school pulls out all the stops and we always come home laden with great flea market finds and cotton candy and treasures.  At the flea market, we picked up a few little things for rock bottom prices including this (above) haunted mansion matchbox toy that my son was captivated by.  Not bad for $2.

However, after that, I was kind of wishing we hadn't bought so many tickets because all my son wanted to do was play with this toy.  He plunked himself approximately 1.5 metres away from a BOUNCY CASTLE and drew kids in like moths to a flame.  They played and played with a play car he had smuggled in and moved it up and down the tiny chutes, ramps and elevators in his tiny haunted mansion over and over.  He took a small break to grab a drink but he blithely ignored all the other marvels all around him in which he was simply no longer interested.  Ironically, if we had got the same toy and brought it directly home, it would have held his interest for a lot less time.