House and Garden Rules

My seven year old has always been "a fan of" rules.  She wants to know what they are so that she can rigorously adhere to them and be more fully, consciously aware of when and how they are broken.

My son does not like rules much.  His response to learning a new rule is usually "but I don't want to do that." In other words, I want to should have more moral suasion than you mustn't or you should.

However, both kids have been talking a lot lately about documenting some rules for our house and for the backyard.  I do not know what brought it up, but they have been quite insistent about it.

Indoor rules:
No poking anyone while you are trying to talk to someone.
Don't put chalk on the wall.
Don't play hockey in the house.
Don't spray water in the house.
Don't poke anyone in the eye with your keys.

Outdoor rules:
No bossing.
Don't put the cat on the tent when someone is inside it.
No putting anything in everybodys' hair.
If someone is having a tea party or you want alone time, don't disturb them.
Don't put up tents without asking first.


  1. I think don't poke someone in the eyes with keys should be a universal rule.


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