4.4 kilometre diet

I decided that to retrieve myself from rot due to all the sitting still in a seat I do all day, only occasionally getting up to make coffee or photocopies, I would start walking to get my lunch.  Since my office sits LITERALLY partially inside a fast food restaurant, when I look down from my desk I can see people eating hamburgers, I have even more incentive to move as many kilometres as my feet can carry me within a 1 hour lunch break.  Like I've said before, I need to build up my endurance for everything I need to do to take of myself and my kids.

The first few times I got as far as the Public Gardens in our city, but they quickly run out of sandwiches (not just because I ate them), so I have been branching out...first yummy Mexican, yesterday delicious Vietnamese.  I hope the kilometres and kilojoules of exertion outnumber the calories I consume half way through my round trip.

At the moment, there have been plenty of days in a row of no rain so I'm taking everyone that comes my way.  The rainy days will come and deadlines will loom but for now, the 4.4 kilometre diet is circulating the blood to every extremity.  My stomach is doing the leading and my feet the following.