Cake bosses

I am not so keen on edible much work and planning and so much requirement for a steady hand and then, BAM...hacked up and eaten...(icing first of course).
I am thrilled and awed when someone else can do it, I watch those cake decorating shows with a kind of reverence that I reserve for churches and intricate art. this kind of cake was never going to my hand.
When an idea for decorating a cake takes hold...I go from the extravagant ideal to the plain do-able pretty darn fast.  However, I still have , on some level, for some crazy reason, a smidgen of pride in these matters and wish that I could impress with my cake decorating abilities.  If only I could pull off all of these ideas... Some part of me sighs, if I could, it would  be  a sign to the world that I am capable of so many amazing feats.  Alas, mustering all of my inner resources still results in "creative" results and I end up reckoning that the evidence will be eaten anyhow. I attempt to sweep aside all those unrealistic expectations I have of myself that I know but cannot seem to always truly believe do not really mean anything in the big scheme of things.

It went from a spiderweb cake to a cobweb cake in short order...but, despite my reluctance, my wanting to pull it off all by myself, my kids insisted on adding to my vision...disrupting my perfect mother, can-do-it-all-effortlessly facade.
Before I could bellow, "I'm the one in charge here, I've got a reputation to try and create and tend here", spider eggs, snakes, and tarantulas were added to the canvas.

And I think we made it perfect.

The cake decorating highlights of my very short lived career...
...and no, that is not a Barbie cake, it's a rock star cake.