My daughter brought home her portfolio on the last day of school. Each piece was revealed one by one.  It was a delightful surprise to have so much art to look at all at once after not seeing much of it from her time at school.  What struck me about this reveal most was her ability to wholeheartedly identify herself as a maker of art.  It is a part of her.  She takes pride in it, sure, but more than that, there is no question in her mind that it is a part of life.  Our son, making sure we didn't miss his work, proceeded to unearth little pieces of paper that we had hitherto overlooked.
It was great to see it all together and see for myself versions of the year that just happened when I was not looking.
The art that was first imagined, then envisioned and finally produced and now looked at.
Each piece is filled with unwavering belief in arts' ability to communicate  in ways that are not simply not possible through other methods.