I don't know the names of things

At the end of the summer we made plans to go to a water park.  We (my husband, daughter and I ) excitedly talked about what we planned to do there and in what order.  My son was ambivalent.

When pushed, he said he really did not care to go.  He wanted to play more mini-golf.

We decided that since he didn't seem too bothered about it that I would go with my daughter and my husband would go with my son.  That way we wouldn't waste money on something he didn't even want to do.

That all seemed like a fine plan until we showed up at the parking lot and he saw the sign.

A tiny lightbulb flickered on.

They dropped us off and went on their way.

The lightbulb's glow got more intense as the day drew on. He got agitated. He told my husband that he remembered now what park we were talking about and he in fact would have loved to have gone.  "That's where we got the balloons last year," he added.

He explained further.  "You guys can read and you know the names of things and I don't.  I didn't really know what you were talking about. They should make the names more clear."

That got me to thinking. What am I missing? What things do I not know the names of? What signs would I only recognize if I saw them?