Sanding it down

As much as I find it hard to admit it, I find this time of year a bit exhilarating. As the chill sets in, I begin to turn my attention to galvanising* a routine that will make things happen  and happen with some semblance of order.

As the beach days blur into memory, 
it begins:  The sanding down of all the plans and schemes into a workable arrangement that allows for some head space in between fulfilling work and family responsibilities.

It starts hard and heavy.
It lurches and spits out possibilities.
It throws new expectations our way.
Certain habits start, others fall away.
I get flustered and overwhelmed and slowly(too slowly) acknowledge (once again) that I can't do it all.
A workable arrangement stops.
It starts.
It stops.
It starts a different way.

And so that is how the new school year, our joint enterprise, begins.
The workable arrangement  will most definitely be sanded down along many different contours by the end of June.

*galvinise: startle into sudden activity