Let's concentrate

Denial kept us from spending money on indoor shoes and duo tangs until the very last minute.

We were having too much fun eating meals in our swimsuits to acknowledge what was coming.

The result was a very chaotic and intense shopping trip to a big box store.

Ahead of and behind us in the thirty-five minute line were numerous university students buying crock pots, bedding and full-length mirrors (now I know that a lot of full-length mirrors get bought in this season, I really had no idea).

Attempting to maintain some level of patience and grace in these proceedings, we kept busy playing guessing games, etc... but every once in a while the anxiety would climb up and leap out of my mouth.

I sighed heavily and said to my daughter, just think, "it won't be long before you will go to university and you'll have all those things(full-length mirrors and toasters) to buy too."

She replied, "Mama, let's just concentrate on me being in grade three."

That helped. A LOT.