Kids are tasty

One day after preschool, Mama's tummy was grumbly. She told me something that was very surprising.  She said she was so hungry she wanted to nibble my toes.

I was shocked.  She does not usually make a habit of eating my toes.  "My toes?  What about yours?" I asked.

She made a face (a face she makes when she tastes something disgusting).  "Oh no, I couldn't possibly.  Adults taste terrible."

"What? They do?"

"Oh yes, it's true."  Mama told me. "They work hard taking care of kids and typing on computers and building bridges and car ramps. All that work makes them extremely tough to eat. Trust me, you just wouldn't care for the taste."

"I'm very hungry." She told me again, this time with a pleading look in her eyes." I think I will just have a little snack from your ears."

"What?  My ears!  No way!  Eat your own ears!"

Mama shook her head.  "No,  are you crazy? I can't munch on my ears, they are too far from mouth.  Plus, adult ears taste a bit like slimy compost."

"What do kids' ears taste like that makes you want to eat them so much?" I asked.

"Oh kids' ears..." she said with a glint in her eye "they are definitely the best."  "Kids play and throw sticks into the sewer and swing from things and fly kites and make slides out of pillows.  All that playing makes them delicious to nibble on."

"Playing and  throwing things down into the sewer and swinging from things and flying kites and making slides out of pillows make us taste good?"

"Delicious. Can't I just have a small snack of your nose?"

"My nose!  Not a chance I need my nose."

"Oh, but kid noses are the very best.  They are like a cherry on the top of the ice cream, the sprinkles on a cake and the rose on the cake.  I must have your nose."

"What makes a kids nose taste so good?"

"I'm not sure of the exact recipe," sighed Mama, "but they are certainly good enough to eat."