Travelling companion

This week school started.
For our youngest, it was his first time.
He was excited and a little worried, but it was all a big adventure as far as he was concerned.
As we left the kids the first day at school and went on our way, something was missing.
I was missing my travelling companion.
Normally, we would drop off his sister and then go on our way to poke our way to preschool or daycare.  We'd have to check out every stick and rock and tree.
I was missing the little 2 and then 3 and then 4 year old preschooler who didn't go to school yet.
I did not expect to miss that little companion so much. 
Of course, he's still around on weekends and afternoons and he still loves to pick up sticks and theorise about stuff as he goes, but it was a tangible re-jumbling those first few days.


  1. i know that feeling... the house and i are bereft of forts all of a sudden. i hadn't thought i'd be so lonely for forts. pbbt.


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