flyer shopping

Five Christmases ago I lived in the country. I lived behind a line of tall trees, down a long stretch of secondary highway. I had a wee baby and a three year old.  That year, when Christmas came around, if I couldn't get a present at the grocery store on the weekends or at the Sears catalogue place "in town", I didn't get it. Pretty much. I had no vehicle through the week, and at the urging of a neighbour, I signed up for "the flyers". At first I was skeptical. I thought, aren't flyers the bane of our existence these days?  We're losing forests to flyers.  When I had lived in the city I had indignantly posted my "please no flyers" sign.  That all changed during the first round of flyers.  I had a tiny baby at the time, and at the urging of people I was listening to, I read everything to her, including the flyers.

I would make a coffee and settle into "the flyers".

Shopping was an abstraction living out there in the country.

A picture in a newspaper, a constantly fluctuating price attached to a picture.

Tonight, I got access to someone's city flyers.  I hadn't had a gander through them in a few years.  It was great, shopping that way again. No winter coat to cart around. No whiny kids to placate and no money spent on a whim.

Flyer shopping is not so bad.