Drying time.

Our dryer broke. We've been using a drying rack and it took me a few weeks of not having a working dryer to be properly thankful for the old-school drying apparatus, the drying rack.

At first it did not compute. What? No automatic way to wick away the moisture and toss dry laundry back at us? That does not even make sense! We're on the move here. Hustle. Snap, snap.

The drying rack has almost been in continuous service since then.  But man, air drying is so slow.
I've got things to do. I need the clothes to be dry faster. I found myself fantasizing about clean dry sheets and pants.  Especially the pants.

However, yesterday, as the no longer sopping, just moist, clothes hung from the rack, I decided to take a minute to take advantage of such a protracted drying time and cool my jets.  I switched off the t.v.(usually on when Mama is too busy chucking clothes in the dryer and taking them out again to do anything kidcentric) and told the kids, you can do anything that does not involve a t.v., and iphone, or a computer.

Within minutes, one kid was playing music and writing Christmas cards and the other one was taking out puzzles.  I read a book. As the socks stopped being wet, the kids really settled down into non-yelling conversations. I was interrupted periodically only to admire their work, but even though I was reading a book, I was way more present than usual. I have the slow drying underwear to thank for that peaceful afternoon.

A drying rack makes drying clothes slow.  You can't dry piles of clothes whilst simultaneously getting a whole bunch of other stuff done, but it does give you plenty of time to put together a puzzle. After all, it's slowness we need now more than we need fast drying clothes.