We spent the usual inordinate amount of time in pyjamas, chomping on chocolates and playing by a tree.  We decided that it was time to be outside with real live living trees for a fresh perspective on the whole thing. As the snow gently, but steadily fell, we walked up the street. The snow was fresh and sparkling and, except for the occasional car or bus, the street was quiet.  We had no destination, our sole purpose was walking in snow. Free of groceries to carry or school to get to, we had some time to just enjoy the falling snow. Walking around the neighbourhood is so different in winter. The night and the snow stitched together to blanket us in quiet.  In the words of a spell binding storyteller, Laakkuluk Williamson Bathery, winter nights (much longer in Iqaluit where she lives) are "welcoming and warm."

To hear Laakkuluk and others talk about winter listen to a splendid meditation on CBC's Tapestry,The Shortest Day, The Longest Night .