Purses of juice

At the urging of my son, who had been introduced to them at school, I bought a pomegranate. I had never eaten one, although I had had some of the juice before.
The pomegranate set up is intimidating. All those seeds made me feel like I was failing before I even started.

Then I came across a short video
that promises to crack the pomegranate code in less than 10 seconds  It dispelled the mystery shrouding these little blood red pearls of juiciness. The guy who presents this trick is really into pomegranates, he's very convincing that trying them is something not to be missed.

Now that the code has been cracked, now that I know that these seeds embedded in tiny purses of juice quench thirst like no other seed I have tasted so far, I cannot stop thinking about them.

I am having pomegranate shaded dreams.