Keep Hoping Machine Running

The ball has dropped in many villages already. 2013 is in the rear window, almost.
Two years ago, when I consulted my children about what my resolutions should be their answers were pragmatic. The six year old wanted me not to nap too much (believe me, naps were low on the ground back then to start with) and the three year old wanted me to swim and go sledding and draw more.  A hectic schedule and an insomnia problem took care of the nap thing and we did do more sledding and drawing over the past two years.  However, last year I resolved not to make any resolutions, but to just keep turning towards the light.

As resolution season peaks tonight, I got inspiration from this list that Woody Guthrie made 70 years ago.  It holds up well over the years.  I think I'll make a version for myself, but I'm basing it primarily on #19... Keep Hoping Machine Running.

I'm going to keep up the maintenance schedule on that thing.
I'm going to commit to keeping it in tune.

My resolution is to keep that hoping machine out of the ditch.

How about you?