Loose ends....

I got to the after school pick up fresh(er) from a twenty minute nap.  The initial nap had sopped up the reckless tiredness that had addled me all morning, but there was so much more sleepiness sludge to be burned off.  I stood staring vacantly across the field as one child played, waiting for the other one to be let out.

I wondered, am I the only one here who has so many loose ends in her hands? Loose ends that she's sure will remain frayed and untied-fluttering in the warm, dark December air. While I know that I am not the only one, I admire others' ability to appear loose endless. 
Those loose ends implicate me, I think not for the fifth time. The laundry I did not do, the report I put off and the bathroom that is unclean all in favour of the nap.

Then, my daughter emerged with her friend, making plans for secret hide outs and a doll sized mall
and I decided that loose ends are not just for tying,but also for braiding and weaving and knitting.