A place to work

We got cracking on a big house purge this weekend.  As I have stated several times before, our clutter is always threatening to take us down and muffle our screams.  One of my biggest struggles has been with having a space at home where I can, when I am not bone tired, pull out the paints and suggest a craft project or where I can sort out the mounting photos we have in our midst, without feeling slightly sick afterwards, and  worse still, determined never to do it again.  Most of all, all this stuff was really starting to create barriers between us.  Together we finally took a big bite out of all this, and slowly but surely over the weekend, some treasures were unearthed, tons of useless (to us) things were either given away or discarded and places to work and play and eat and sleep and put clothes away in and read books and wrestle became distinct entities again.