Just put diet in the title.

I published my first post on this blog on November 30, 2011.
It has been fun. I'm still enjoying checking where hits come from, Saudia Arabia, Malaysia, Sweden, Russia, Brazil...I'm still having fun letting my brain hang open to ideas from the trees, from my growing kids and from all the places I had never thought of before.
When I don't write I miss it and when I do write, I start to feel like myself again. Right away I started to realize that that had been a hole that needed filling.

I chose to start blogging because I needed an outlet to express myself, I had only tinkered with public, creative outlets for the past 15 years, and I felt the need to create a venue.

I am learning and seeing and noticing new things each new day by doing this, things that I hadn't had a space to explore for a very long while.  In fact, my focus on my kids and the process of raising them and the creative terrain of childhood is interesting to me because in many respects I feel like I had put a lot of creative projects on hold since childhood.

Here are a few things that I am learning and have learned during this first year of blogging.

Put "diet" in the title and watch the views pile up.

Write what you know and before you know it you will find out something new about something you thought you knew.

Write, write even if you don't think you have a thing to say, because guess what, you do. It is fun to find out what.   Sometimes writing , at first just a glop of random words, feels like plunging into cold dark water. I am initially disoriented but then I start noticing tiny fish glinting and darting right in front of me swimming towards a bright blue grotto*.

I am still writing even though I realize that I am not always doing my best work.  I have made this decision because too many times before I have overlooked the process and spent too much time agonizing over the end product.  That approach has really put a damper on my creativity.

I am still writing also because I have noticed that the more you create, the more ideas come and the less it seems silly to be doing it.  I also am appreciating other people's work a lot more and in new, unexpected ways.

When I am listening to someone play guitar and sing, I so wish I could do the same that I literally twitch. I wake up from dreams where I have been singing my heart out to an audience of hundreds.  Once I begin to write, typing and writing starts to feel like I am singing. Projecting my voice out into a darkened theatre full of people. I stop twitching, my lungs fill with air.

*a subterranean passage, chamber.


  1. at grotto, i was in it... :)
    puts me in mind that maybe i should just start writing. . . may be. glad you do.


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