Paper Plate Dynasty

Last Hallowe'en, after yet another version of a "princess" costume got assembled, I suggested that she be a queen instead.  For some reason it made me feel better.  Why settle for princess when you can be a queen?  I mean, if you are going to go trick or treating as royalty, you miles well go all the way!  She agreed that a queen was way better and went with that.  I'm not saying queens do not have their issues but at least they are less defined for us by popular culture and are more open to interpretation.  This year, when she dressed up as a cat, I wondered out loud if she was a queen of cats.  She dismissed this notion outright.  "No way, I'm just a cat!"(Well, actually, she was going to be a butterfly cat but there were some technical issues)  Put in my place, I realized with relief that the princess/queen spell had been broken and new ideas for costumes had finally deposed the monarchy.