Run like someone is chasing you.

Have you ever had someone run past you and you wonder (however fleetingly)...are they being chased? Are they pursuing someone? Are they terribly late? Are they running away from their life?  Are they running to catch up with the love of their life?  Or, are they exercising?

When I asked my daughter yesterday why these two young women ran so fast past us, she predicted that since they weren't wearing exercise clothes and since there were no buses around that they were late for a musical.

Well, today, after my son noticed that I was finally wearing my sneakers, he suggested that today we run to preschool.  The whole way I was thinking, do I look like I am running because I am late? or scared? or escaping? or exercising?

Now, 1 hour later, regardless of how I might have looked, I feel great.   


  1. being a totally awesome mom? yep. and bonus, you feel great!

  2. yes, but today...I felt like lead was sewn into my socks. sigh.


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