There was a period of about 3 months for both of my kids at around 18 months of age when my wallet was the toy that they could not be parted with.  They would get in the car and I would hand over my wallet and piece by piece the contents would be examined and emptied.  For that period, I got into the habit of putting really valuable things into other parts of my purse before giving it to them.  I would insert interesting tidbits for them to discover during their exploration. I would throw in fake credit cards, Canadian tire money and membership cards, stickers and paint chips and pictures.

Do you have change for a library card?


  1. nice! i live in a sort of a mild terror that the kids will take and destroy my wallet...and all the 'important' things within... maybe a decoy really is the way to go... :)

  2. I had one or two mishaps before I started doing this where I was down on my hands and knees fishing my credit card out of heating ducts and so on...!


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