Dry Spell

Two weeks ago we went to 3 birthday parties for 4 different people in 1 day.  One was a skating party, one was a magician party and the third was a lovely family party for an adult and a one year old.  It was a thrill ride from start to finish.   To get our birthday engines kick-started, the night before all these parties, we had a friend visit who brought along a birthday cake to share for her birthday.  Birthday cake, sprinkles, party favours, fun activities (and yes, occasional meltdowns) were in abundance to be sure.

It had only been one week since this intense weekend of festivities when my kids started telling me that it was "Barbie's birthday" and "Goldie's birthday" (our fish).  I could read the signs, we, a mere 7 days later, had hit a dry spell.  Birthday cake to every other kind of food quotient was way out of whack and the kids were urging me to grant them permission to throw another birthday.  Out came the cake mix, the decorations and the hours and hours of preparation that comes along with one of these impromptu parties.  The highlight of the party planning was the creation of an art gallery for Barbie.  Impressive.  Just for the record, I want one when my birthday comes!

 The next day, when my daughter told me it was the cats' birthday, I told her there would be a ban on birthday parties until she got invited to one or hers comes along.