Pop Punch and Johnny and the Toddlers

I 'm thinking about starting a band.  Today.  Just for today.  It is one of the many things I could  make today.  Other ideas that have occurred to me are, in no particular order:
1. make a red velvet cake (I've never made one before) and decorate it with pieces of left over valentine candy.  I could create a labyrinth of sweethearts.

2. create something eye-catching to hold my loose papers that are driving me crazy (I could re-purpose that ugly dollar store tray???)

3. a book mark to send to my friend

4.a copy-paper box purse

5.a card for a colleague who is retiring

If you are looking for ideas...
I stumbled on Keri Smith's website recently and I visit it every so often.  It is very inspiring.

According to her bio, Keri is an illustrator and guerilla artist.  She teaches and writes books about creativity.

Right now she's inviting visitors to her site to draw (right onto her site) what is right in front of them and then submit it to a gallery of other drawings of visitors to her site.  She sends out a siren call to office workers and internet users everywhere.  Her invitation is irresistible. I drew my desk calendar.  What will you draw? Go there and start drawing right now.

On her website there is also a project called "create a thing a day month".
Take a look where that takes her.
You can start with these ones:

Practical Cereal Box
Connection Methods

If you are up for a creative challenge or looking for inspiration, you can also go to:  Thing a day 2012

Thing a day 2012 is a collective blog that invites you to participate in creating and sharing your creations. The rules, according to the site, are "minimal, everyone is encouraged to select a weekly, monthly or daily challenge and theme for themselves and get to work. You can use any medium as long as your efforts can be reported back on this blog once a day."

Now, have you decided? What will you create today?