Playing Cards

My daughter was messing around on her grandmother's piano yesterday and I noticed that she very methodically lined up the cards first and then "played" to them.  After a short spurt of "music", she would re-arrange the cards and substitute some of them for new ones.  Musical playing cards.  Of course.  52 notes, a multitude of combinations that produce a whole new range of melodies.  You just have to learn a new set of notes.  What songs would they combine to create? Which card would be your favourite? Which suit? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. Makes me want to play a hand. How about you?  I can picture myself clutching a handful of cards as I fall to sleep, a sleep that brings a dream of lullabies I haven't heard yet.


  1. This is such a beautiful idea. It kind of reminds me of John Cage's work as well - our idea of music being re-arranged by say silence, or in this case, playing a hand of cards. Beautiful image, I love it. Sheilah

  2. thanks for letting me know about John Cage, Sheilah. I checked him out a little. Fascinating. I found this youtube video of a recent version of his 4'33 and it makes you think about finding/expressing music through silence in the age of the blackberry.
    it's hard to give over to that silence! xo erin


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