Shower thinking

It has happened often enough, but somehow I keep forgetting.  Sometimes I just need to do some shower thinking. You know, when you need to get up from a math problem or a love problem or a budget problem and just walk away?  I walk away and take a shower, brush my teeth, and wash some dishes.  Usually, I do this initially out of sheer frustration, not intention.
But then, guess what?  Before I have even sat down again, I will have solved that problem in a way I never ever could have in the way that I was thinking about it before. I have an answer. I have a way of answering the question, if I just give myself a chance.


  1. Showers are often where I get some of my best ideas out! :) I think it has something to do with the quiet, warm water, nice smell of soap/body wash, etc. Oddly, baths don't have the same effect. They just relax me too much, I guess!

  2. I wonder if it is because generally I'm still standing/in motion when I'm in the shower and that gives me more momentum?


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