Dinner by Candlelight, Dessert by Lightbulb

I had a brain wave the other day that I am still patting myself on the back for coming up with because they don't happen very often.  My son was reluctant to come to the table and eat supper.  I told him "let's have "Christmas Dinner"".  "Christmas dinner" is code for dinner by candlelight.  Even though we were having macaroni and cheese, he happily ran to the table.  Can we have "Christmas Dinner" every night I wonder?

In the meantime, my daughter had been pre-heating the easy bake oven for over an hour in anticipation of heating (er...baking) her cookies that she had whipped up for dessert.

Despite the lead up time, the cookies came out 45 minutes later as warm dough.

I think we are doing it wrong.

My son, loves candlelight. This morning, as he lay ailing from a stomach bug he urged me to make some changes.

"Let's make this room beautiful. Do you think we should get some new stuff?  We only have two lanterns, we should get one more."

He's right, candlelight makes just about anything more wonderful, even warmed up cookie dough.


  1. from the mouths of babes... 'lets make this room beautiful'... man, the sparkles ! !


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