Tapas, Not Toast

It could be the on demand breastfeeding when he was younger (my husband's theory, not shared by me), it could be our lack of an overly strict routine at home (more likely), it could be just a quirk of this stage of his development/physiology or it could be  semantics, but my son wakes up in the morning not wanting breakfast.  He just wants snacks.

Me "How about some breakfast?"
Him "No thanks, I'll just have a snack."
Me "What would you like for your snack?"
Him "Mini-Wheats with milk, blueberries and juice."
Me "Okay, breakfast snack coming up."

But you know, snacks are way more fun than meals don't you think? Let's have a meal sounds like so much work (tell me about it!). Snack supper is my kids' favourite type of meal.  For now, as long as the "snack" is healthy (ahem...usually), then I'll leave what we call them for another day.

How about you?  What are your favourite "snacks".  Do you prefer appetizers over main courses?


  1. I am a fan, and by that i mean i adore the hell out of... snack meals. unfortunately i have a hubs who wants the meat, potato, veg type of meal on a regular basis, so i save snack eating for when he is away... but i love it...
    - and i just bought sneakers for myself yesterday... hmmm. here, i think it is the springlike freakish winter we are having, inspiring dreams of fitness in a new and astonishing way... or maybe my heart is leading the way? huh. it sure would be good if Someone led the way. shoot.

  2. Yes,having a trainer to boss me around and for me to resent would be great : )


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