A balancing game?

Growing up in a small town with gravel driveways and gritty asphalt school yards and few sidewalks prevented me from being exposed much to chalk art and hopscotch.  Seeing hopscotch in action only happened when we visited my city grandma.  She lived adjacent to an endless scroll of sidewalk.  City kid neighbours taught me their versions of hopscotch.  I got taught and re-taught and exposed to it in a bunch of different ways...but you know, if there is an official version, I have no idea what it is.
How do you win hopscotch?  What is the goal? Other than balancing on one foot occasionally and alternating feet, is it something more than a coordination activity? I wonder.  Can you tell me?

Maybe it doesn't matter.  Maybe the idea of it and the image of it is all we need to believe in its existence.


  1. I wish I had taken a picture the other day of the longest Hopscotch path (game) I have ever seen. It was amazing and I loved seeing how the blocks became smaller and smaller as the path went along.

    I wish I could remember the rules. I will have to ask my boys when they get home from school. Great picture and thank you for taking me back to my childhood. I really liked the feeling.

  2. I like that phrase "hopscotch path", lovely. I am looking forward to hearing their versions of the rules.


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