Decide that it's a Canvas

Cloud, 2012 (Materials: painted wall, hole in wall, stuffing from kid's bed stuffed into hole)

I'm just coming off of a busy streak.  Well, a busy chunk of years actually. As a result, my domestic situation has gotten way way off track.  There are literally heaps of unsorted laundry, Christmas ornaments (ugh...Halloween ornaments) jumbled together, and piles everywhere.  The toilets are clean, the kitchen is cleanish and there are clean clothes they just aren't stored particularly well, but otherwise, we're in a bit of mess actually.  I'm so done with all this chaos and the feelings of perpetual defeat that accompanies it.

Yesterday, for the first time in what felt like years, I finally had time to be at home when others were not.  Instead of feeling mired in chore-filled angst, all I could see around me were beautiful canvases.

Instead of making me swear under my breath and stomp around, these tiny canvases stopped me in my tracks.  I decided to make my task uncovering them inch by inch.


  1. Your cloud made me laugh. I love you perspective and your canvases! I am glad you had the house to yourself. :)


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