Finger Knitting

I've tried, I've really tried to learn how to knit.  But I don't have patience and only so-so small motor skills and stretched thin spatial abilities. Oh yeah, and I'm left handed.  I've got it covered with lots of excuses don't I?  I really want to be able to have this productive task/hobby that will produce sweaters and ah..products, but I don't.  I like the soothing clacking sounds that knitting needles make.  I like saving money on oil by having hand-made sweaters.  My kids are approaching knitting from different angles.  My daughter learned how to finger knit last summer and her grandma is teaching her how to knit knit now.  My son "tangles".  Instead of making knots, he connects (or knits, if you like) objects together with string or ribbon by "tangling" them (i.e.motorcycle and lamp).  One is doing the six year old version, the other is doing the three year old version.  I'm doing the "Oh don't worry, I have a lot of excuses to cover that one" version.