Display Boxes

My daughter wanted to know if I wanted to learn how to make "displays" yesterday.

I said, of course I did, but I had to ask what a "display" was.  In answer, she showed me one that she had made.

She explained that first you "collect garbage things and usable things" and then you "arrange them in a design on top of a box".

"You can use it for any different thing you want."

She walked me through the steps and I made one too.

First, we found an old box.

Then I found my garbage things and usable things and arranged them in a design.
Then we put the two displays together to photograph them.  She chose the multi-coloured cloth to offer a little contrast. I think it's a nice touch.


  1. I love the minds of your children! They approach things with no fear. Making display cases!! Fantastic summary of how it is done; junk and some not junk. Oh yeah.


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