Tickets: Then and Now

My daughter made the transition from handmade tickets to mass-produced ones. This time last year, an elaborate ticket making project and movie afternoon took all day to create.

Saturday, my daughter spied an upgrade.  I completely understand.  I remember coveting the "real" waitress pads at the stationary store.  Having a "real" one would make playing restaurant so much more thrilling.

My daughter lobbied to get these tickets the other day at the Dollar Store.  She has plans to use them in many different ways.  They are a more official looking version for sure.  Now that she's almost 7, what she wants a ticket to resemble are changing.  I'm curious to see how they will re-appear and be utilised over the coming months and even years.  Right now, they haven't been used yet. They sit there, quietly dispensing an open invitation.  To which events is to be revealed in time.


  1. I totally remember the allure of the 'real' thing. We had a stamp set, and there were a few stamps that may have been leftovers from an office or something. I loved stamping 'urgent' onto something. Not hand written, but the real URGENT. Also, stickers from the post office with air mail/par avion... I definitely relate to this desire to have a hand in the real and the imaginary at the same time.

  2. Yes! Even just reading the word "urgent" in print gives me a little thrill (a cocktail of authenticity and possibility).


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