A Small Craft

I accompanied my mother-in-law to an appointment this week. On the paper, preparing her for the appointment, it invited her bring along something to read or a small craft. As soon as I heard about this invitation to bring a small craft into an otherwise austere waiting area, my mind started to do bouncing somersaults in many different directions.

Googly eyes?
Glue gun?
Play clay?
Friendship braclets?


  1. What did you bring for the small craft?? I am also intrigued! sheilah

    1. Sheilah, I did not get to read the paper until I got there so I was woefully unprepared!! I'll be spending more time in waiting rooms in the coming weeks so I'm thinking paper craft of some sort and pouches to contain all the bits.

  2. oh i hope you brought glue and glitter!

  3. I think I'll compromise and bring glitter glue...


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