Balloon request

Recently, my kids attended a magic show at their friend's party.  At the very end, the magician asked each child to select a balloon and encouraged each child to come forward and request it be shaped into one of the following:
-a giraffe
-a monkey
-a puppy
-a sword

After numerous requests for swords and an occasional monkey, my son was the very last child to make a request. Oblivious to the pre-selected options, he put a great deal of careful thought into what would be the coolest balloon shaped object.  He looked up at the magician, passed him his balloon and asked him if he could make him a sweater.

If you could defy physics and find a magical balloon artist, what would you request?


  1. its really the coolest thing... a balloon sweater? to wear? something moveable and useable made from a balloon? really, coooool. I have always wanted balloon cars to be the next new thing... just pop in a crash, no damage, no pain, no flipping, just a pop and settle....

  2. what! this is the best idea ever!! I am just imagining a really thoughtful, deadpan delivery of this request. A balloon sweater. I am picturing it being an outline of a sweater.

    1. yes, indeed. there was no trace of irony in his voice.


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